Company Mission

Our Unique 10 Stage Progressional Training Program


At the US Premier Soccer Academy we pride ourselves on developing players, not finding them.  Our 10 Stage Progressional Training Program allows players to discover a love and passion for soccer while concentrating on the necessary techniques that lead to greatness. With a sound technical base and strong understanding of the tactical intricacies of the sport, it is up to the individual player how far he/she can take their career.

Our coaching staff is comprised of all Professional and NCAA Division I Soccer Players. Not only can they coach the game, but they can also play it very well in their own right. We teach an attractive style of soccer where the emphasis is on possession and combination play. On the other side of the ball, we concentrate heavily on defensive concepts,which is vastly overlooked in the development process, especially on Long Island. All of our fitness is done with the ball, both aerobic and anaerobic.

The US Premier Soccer Academy pride ourselves on the principles of Excellence and Professionalism both on and off the field. We staff top quality coaches to give the developing soccer players of America the best of soccer to the most advanced levels thru our various academy programs.  Our academy programs are designed specifically for individual development to continuously challenge each player.  We believe that it is important to instill the discipline and commitment required to excel and the earlier a child starts developing these values and lessons, the more opportunities and choices they will have in their future.

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