What is an Academy?

An Academy is an organization having a well structured curriculum ensuring individuals are taught the basics and fundamentals before graduating to the next level. When applying that term to soccer, the US Premier Soccer Academy has a progressive plan to learn the basics of soccer and using age as a guideline, promote them to the appropriate level. We do not want players losing interest because they are not being challenged. When they reach the top of their group, they progress to the next level. We have a plan for your child no matter if he or she is 3 years old or 18 years old. We will take your child from inception and bring them as far as they want to go, whether that is College, Professional play or just for fun, we will be their guide and mentor throughout the process.

What is the Academy Team?

The Academy Team is an offering for U6 to U10 players for the 2009/2010 seasons. The goal of the Academy Team is to provide the highest level games available at that age group. It is an opportunity for players to grow their individual soccer skills in a fun and low-pressure environment as an introduction to competitive soccer.  The emphasis for the academy is individual skill development through work with professional coaches.  All Academy participants l have 2 technical practices per week and one small-sided match on Saturdays.

What are the objectives of the Academy?

  • Emphasis on individual time with the ball to promote skill development.
  • A structured curriculum that promotes skill development across all levels of players in the Academy
  • Repetition of technical skills that are essential in the development of players
  • Professional training by coaches that will follow the defined Academy curriculum
  • Provide small sided games so that players have a chance to use the skills that they learned during the week. Small sided games are extremely beneficial to player development.
  • More touches on the ball
  • Greater use of available energy on the field
  • More playing time
  • More chances to score goals!
  • Opportunity to play with different players every week
  • Parent education is also an important piece of the academy curriculum.

Are there tryouts?

No, any player can enter the Academy.

What is the difference between a club and an Academy?

The main difference between a soccer club on Long Island and an Academy are that clubs primarily focus on games and leagues. The better clubs offer a developmental program to help develop each players soccer skills. The Academy’s primary focus is the development of every child in soccer and having a plan to take your child to the highest level the child wishes to go. All the decisions made by the Academy are made with the goal of developing each player in the best way possible.

Why does my child need individual skill development?

Some people watch soccer and think it is just a matter of kicking the ball and eventually getting the ball into the opposing goal. That is why we hear so many people yell “Boot It” or “Just get it up there”.  In fact, this is the worst way to play soccer and while at young ages may win the game, the team will not progress in the sport of soccer. There is a lot more to the game in regards to strategy, team tactics and individual skills. The best teams are comprised of individuals that feel comfortable with the ball and have mastered individual ball skills. Once individuals have mastered ball skills, then as a team they can become very efficient at executing strategies and team tactics. In addition, the strategies and team tactics change in different parts of the field. Most coaches divide the field into 3 parts, the offensive third, the defensive third and the middle third. As a last note, soccer players need to be fit and their bodies conditioned to enable them to play a 90 minute game.

Why are there no volunteers, I love coaching my child in sports?

Our athletic director was a voluteer coach for 17 years through PAL and coached 3 travel teams in Long Island Junior Soccer League.  However, he also understands as a volunteer, not every parent/coach is dedicated to putting in the time to help the team.  Let’s face it, they have to make a living and that has to take a priority for them.  In addition, the parent/coach may have limited knowledge of soccer. The idea of volunteering is extremely noble, but you really never know who you get and what level of knowledge they have about the sport.  The players are our responsibility and they take absolute priority with us.  When you register with us, you will get a consistent approach to their development.

The Academy sounds so serious, why can’t I wait until my child reaches 10 or 11 years old to start?

The Academy is serious for us.  However, the Academy is fun for your child.  When they know how to play, the work does not seem like work.  I know of a lot of children that quit after they get frustrating playing and consistently losing.  The reason for starting at 3, 4, 5 & 6 is that your child’s work ethic and discipline develops at those young ages.  When they reach 10 or 11, their work ethic can change, but it takes a tremendous amount of effort to change at that age.  Virtually all of the highest level players I know are extremely bright individuals and do extremely well in school.  Is this a coincidence?

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